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Global Business  Development
Global Business Development

Extensive network within respective industry segments makes Maxfield Capital a responsible partner in terms of business development. Through leveraging our contacts we plug-in Eastern European startups in Silicon Valley ecosystem for scaling businesses and future exits.

Technology Transfer Network
Technology Transfer Network

Maxfield aims at creating global success stories by bridging the gap between high quality engineering and commercial execution. We take an active role in helping our portfolio companies to reach global technologies.

Cross-Border Talent  Acquisition
Cross-Border Talent Acquisition

Some startups face scarcity of technical talent, the others lack business scaling skills or experience challenges of small domestic markets. We help them to bridge these gaps by connecting superb global entrepreneurs with top-notch technical talent.

Fundraising Support
Fundraising Support

Strong relationships with key financial ecosystem players allow the fund to support portfolio companies in their future fundraising. We utilize any-and-all available resources in order to help companies have prime investors in their cap tables.



Our team of experienced professionals has strong technology operating background, solid venture investing
experience and long history in key global innovation ecosystems. We currently consider investment opportunities in
Europe, Israel and USA.


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  • posted on 12 November 2015
    NFWare raised seed round from Maxfield Capital, Almaz Capital and Telefónica

    Munich, 12. November 2015__ NFWare, the vendor of virtualized network software for telecommunications providers, has gained as new investors Maxfield Capital, Almaz Capital Partners and Telefónica via Wayra, a part of Telefónica’s Open Future program. The European team of developers has secured a six-figure sum for the development and expansion of its business idea from the venture capital firms, which specialize in working with start-ups involved in new technologies.

    NFWare supplies telecommunications operators with virtual network functions for packet core networks that enable them to cope even with increased traffic levels on conventional servers, and at the same time achieving carrier-grade performance levels historically associated with dedicated hardware-based networking solutions (hundreds of gigabits per second). Because the solution is virtual, no special hardware is needed, while the service is billed on a pay-per-use basis and is measured in CPU cores, gigabits per second, or requests per second. As a result, NFWare’s customers can substantially reduce their costs. In addition, the software-based approach enables them to benefit from a high degree of deployment flexibility, faster time to market for new services and better utilization of physical resources. In 2015, the company has already deployed its Virtual CG-NAT solution in one of European carriers and has been engaged in several pilot projects and field trials with Tier-1’s.

    “Maxfield Capital, Almaz Capital Partners and Wayra are renowned investors that specialized in providing early-stage investment for young businesses. They have a global reputation for having a very special instinct for selecting disruptive technology ideas. We are therefore overjoyed that we have been able to convince these particular investors of our strengths,” explained Alexander Britkin, co-founder and CEO at NFWare. “In 2016 we want to complete our first deployment projects in Europe and are planning to expand into global markets as early as 2017.”

    The NFV potential as the technology of the future is already clear from the example of the telecoms giant Telefónica. “For Telefónica, as well as for all telecom operators, virtualization and use of cloud for network equipment opens up enormous technological possibilities allowing a new way of operating the telecom network with more agility, reliability and a lower cost. It is clear that virtualization is an opportunity for new vendors as the environment of network vendors will change in the next years.” added Cayetano Carbajo Martin, CTO at Telefónica Germany.

    According to a report of the research company Analysis Mason, worldwide sales of telco network virtualization solutions are expected to be $2.4 billion in 2016 and $29 billion by 202.

    “With its innovative technology, NFWare is a highly motivated team that fits perfectly into our portfolio. It’s clear to us that the business will be breaking into international markets in the near future. We are very happy about the cooperation,” said Alexander Turkot, Founder and General partner at Maxfield Capital. 
    Garan Goodman, Managing Director of Wayra, says: “Wayra is a global pioneer project of Telefónica’s Open Future. The in-house developed program brings together young entrepreneurs and public or private strategic partners worldwide. We once again demonstrated an excellent instinct for promising technologies and instantly found NFWare’s unique vision, as well as the potential that this innovation offers, a valuable investment for Telefónica.”

    About NFWare
    NFWare, Inc. is a telecommunications network software vendor which develops innovative virtualized network routing software for service providers and operators to help them building more flexible and efficient networks by utilizing high-performance virtualization technologies. Unlike existing hardware-based solutions, NFWare virtualizes IP/packet core network elements and makes them running without loss of performance for terabits of traffic on standard COTS x86 servers instead of dedicated proprietary hardware. Company was established in 2014 by experienced professionals in telecommunications, computer networking and virtualization technologies. NFWare headquarters are located in Munich, Germany. For more information, visit www.nfware.com 

    About Maxfield Capital
    Maxfield Capital is a venture capital firm that invests in global seed and early stage technology companies. Maxfield Capital searches for unique ideas, visionary entrepreneurs and new markets’ niches. The fund has offices in New York, Tel Aviv and Moscow. Maxfield’s original approach aims at creating global success stories by bridging the gap between high quality engineering and commercial execution. The fund is currently considering investment opportunities in USA, Europe and Israel.

    About Almaz Capital
    Founded in 2008, Almaz Capital invests in early stage, capital efficient technology companies. The team connects entrepreneurs and engineering talent in untapped emerging tech regions working in high-growth sectors such as enterprise and cloud computing, mobile, Internet infrastructure and services, data storage and management, and ecommerce. For more information, please visit: www.almazcapital.com

    About Wayra 
    Wayra forms part of Telefónica’s ‘Open Future’ initiative which brings together all branches of external innovation and VC investment within the Telefónica Group. Open Future analyzed over 30,000 digital projects and managed a portfolio of over 500 start-ups. Open Future invested over 300 million euros in supporting and financing digital projects across the world.

  • posted on 18 November 2014
    Father of Java James Gosling and Brazilian JavaMan Bruno Souza enthusiastically endorse polyglot PaaS with Java enterprise level support

    Palo Alto, Calif., November 18, 2014 – Jelastic, Inc., the first company that combined Unlimited PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) and IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) in one solution announced today that James Gosling, the creator of the popular programming language Java, has joined the Jelastic team as an Independent Director. In addition, Brazilian Java programmer Bruno Souza is now an official Adviser at Jelastic.

    James and Bruno are now in the company of an impressive list of Advisers at Jelastic including the creator of the PHP programming language Rasmus Lerdorf, former Microsoft Architect Mark Zbikowski, Parallels and Acronis Founder Serguei Beloussov, Founder of MySQL and MariaDB Michael ‘Monty’ Widenius, Founder of NGINX Igor Sysoev and Founder of Apache TomEE, OpenEJB and Geronimo, David Blevins.

    “Currently multilingual, Jelastic was initially created as a pure Java cloud and still maintains a primary focus on this programming language. This is based on the fact that the majority of our users (approximately 53%) are Java developers,” said Ruslan Synytsky, CEO of Jelastic. “By having James Gosling and Bruno Souza on board, Jelastic is gaining even more in-depth coverage and analysis of Java features on our always transforming and improving platform.”
    Although the Duke’s Choice Award winning platform also supports PHP, Ruby, Node.js and Python (with .NET coming soon), Jelastic will continue to work specifically on the direction of Java usage in cloud computing: innovations, technical solutions, business expectations, flexibility of development and management. 

    One of the most innovative features of Jelastic is its unique automated vertical Java scaling. Jelastic configures and optimizes different stack templates for automatic vertical scaling, while RAM and CPU usage increases and reduces during the load change in real-time. This feature guarantees that users never overpay for unused resources; and it saves them time because there is no need for manual adjustments or architectural changes. As the application load goes up or down, resources are allocated immediately and automatically. It is also possible to specify resource caps to prevent unexpected or high bills. 

    “Configuring cloud infrastructures is fun the first time you do it. But it doesn’t take too long before it becomes a tedious time sink,” said James Gosling. “And, if you have the misfortune of being a software developer that has to fight it out with an IT organization, who usually wants consistency, control and visibility, you find that you’re always fighting with them. Jelastic solves all of that. Easy configuration tools for developers, management tools for IT. Peace and productivity. I love it.”

    Jelastic is the only Cloud Company whose underlying platform is Java, and with the addition of James Gosling and Bruno Souza, this team has the expertise to influence the decisions and the direction relating to Java and Cloud.  In 2015, Jelastic plans to influence Java development to make it even more dynamic, by eventually implementing the ability to reload all configurations/settings such as Xmx on the fly, without the need to restart an application/JVM, to bring/adapt desktop applications to the cloud.

    “Throughout my career, I have been promoting freedom and choice for developers. Jelastic has a unique business model, that promotes choice,” said Bruno Souza. “Jelastic philosophy changed the way I look into cloud infrastructure. Jelastic’s Java-based implementation shows the power of Java technology. Giving developers the freedom to leave gives us the confidence to choice to stay. This is the power of the Java ecosystem. The power of choice. I'm very happy to be more directly involved in the future of Jelastic. This is an amazing opportunity to help bring more freedom and choice for developers worldwide.”
    Jelastic Cloud provides enterprise software that re-defines the economics of Java cloud deployment and management. Jelastic solutions provide the maximum Java application density, the fastest deployment model and the easiest management for private, public and hybrid clouds, all while retaining the flexibility to customize infrastructure and application configurations.
    “Success of any high-tech company depends on the right positioning, based on industry domain knowledge. We are welcoming James Gosling and Bruno Souza on our board, who are bringing technology and industry wisdom into Jelastic,” said Alexander Galitsky, Co-founder and Managing Partner of Almaz Capital.
    Java developers get a cloud-based platform, (available from hosting providers across six continents) with automatic horizontal and vertical scaling (with support for multi nodes) and it takes minutes, not hours or days to get started. Get support of any JVM-based application including pure Java 6, 7 or 8, JRuby, Scala and Groovy. Build and deploy Java applications in the cloud using a wide range of industry-standard software stacks including Tomcat, Glassfish, Jetty, JDK, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, CouchDB, NGINX, Maven, and more. Jelastic’s Java Cloud also provides popular integration tools using Maven, Ant, Eclipse, IDEA and NetBeans IDE plugins.

    About James Gosling
    James Gosling received a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Calgary, Canada in 1977. He received a PhD in Computer Science from Carnegie-Mellon University in 1983. The title of his thesis was "The Algebraic Manipulation of Constraints". He spent many years as a VP & Fellow at Sun Microsystems. 

    He has built satellite data acquisition systems, a multiprocessor version of Unix, several compilers, mail systems and window managers. He has also built a WYSIWYG text editor, a constraint based drawing editor and a text editor called `Emacs' for Unix systems. 

    At Sun, his early activity was as lead engineer of the NeWS window system. He did the original design of the Java programming language and implemented its original compiler and virtual machine. He has been a contributor to the Real-Time Specification for Java, and a researcher at Sun labs where his primary interest was software development tools. He then was the Chief Technology Officer of Sun's Developer Products Group and the CTO of Sun's Client Software Group. 

    He briefly worked for Oracle after the acquisition of Sun. After a year off, he spent some time at Google. And now James is the chief software architect at Liquid Robotics where he spends his time writing software for the Waveglider, an autonomous ocean-going robot.

    About Bruno Souza
    Bruno Souza is a Brazilian Java programmer and open source software advocate. He was President of SouJava, a Brazilian Java User Group he helped to establish, which became one of the world’s largest. He was one of the initiators of the Apache Harmony project to create a non-proprietary Java virtual machine. The Java community knows him as the "Brazilian JavaMan."

    Bruno is a member of the Board of Directors at the Open Source Initiative representing Affiliate members. This is his second term on the OSI Board. He is also a member of the executive committee of the Java Community Process. In 2010, he co-founded ToolsCloud, a developer tools provider.

    About Jelastic
    Jelastic, Inc., is the first company that combined Unlimited PaaS ease of use (developers productivity) and the IaaS flexibility (agility) within a single platform, for a fraction of the cost of existing virtualized environments. Jelastic is a venture-backed enterprise software company that enables enterprises, OEMs, integrators and hosting service providers to unleash the full potential of the cloud to generate superior ROI and efficiencies. Investors to Jelastic are Runa Capital, Almaz Capital and Maxfield Capital. For more information or to start a free, two-week trial, visit us at www.jelastic.com.


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